Moonbeam Being

Dear Woman,

You moonbeam being set bursting inside a body.

You tall and sturdy spruce wrapped up in a wild wind.

You are, also, that wild wind.



Our failures are but our fuel.

The names of our naysayers and oppressors

Will line the underbelly of our wings.


We feed our stomachs, laughing, crying.

We stroke our dear skin and think fondly of our moonbeam insides.

We whisper and we roar and we may doubt

But we never cease.


Rise, you Woman.

Rise and fall and rise again

Fall and rise again

We will strive to make this world worthy of us

And we will show the children the way.


May God bless the chest that cages your wild heart

Bless your ears, eyes, and mouth

Your mighty hips

Your glorious thighs

And all, all your moonbeam insides.


sweet sunrise

Sweet sunrise

Marmalade sunrise

Clementine sun

Arise, arise


Honey clouds

Stretched long and sticky

Butter-yellow sky

It’s time, it’s time


Let me grab my toast

My knife, my napkin

Let me tippy-toe up and

Swipe the sky


Sweet sunrise

Marmalade sunrise

Clementine sun

Oh my, oh my


Lake made ice,

Air made daggers,

Trees made chandeliers.

I step outside, braced, and dip nose into scarf.

There is no wind, no sky.

Just white and grey, a line of sharp trees between.

The earth holds it’s breath.

My cheeks are already aching and my fingers already beginning to curl


My eyes catch movement, and I look.

Chickadee is hopping on tree from branch to branch.


Soulful little chickadee.

It’s as much life as can be seen anywhere in this world.



Feed me to the moon

My flesh warm and bright

We are one in the same

Both dust and heaven light


Find white circles in my eyes

Look down into my core

I’ve a moon in there

I’ve a moon and more


I’ve oceans and waves

Salt and seas

I’ve wind and rain

And mountains and trees


But the moon I’ll pull up

When the time comes around

Deep from my gut

I’ll pull a moon crisp and round


For I am the moon

And the moon is me

Be us small or big

We are moon and we are me